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Dog racial is the only dog that has a pedigree.

We often hear the question: "Why do I need a pedigree? Paper is not necessary to love."

Naturally, it is not. But if you care about to your new family member that will be have a specific look and character - buy racial dog with a pedigree. If it does not matter to you - Adopt the dog from a shelter.

Why with a pedigree?

Pedigree is not a useless piece of paper as some people think. Pedigree mainly indicates the origin of the dog, that his parents and grandparents were also specified dog breed. We guarantees that our puppy should grow up to be a dog with certain traits of character, appearance and predisposition. What guarantees us buy a dog without a pedigree? It does not give us anything really. Even the we do not guarantee that the dog will grow of this breed ... Pedigree also suggests that the puppy's parents were at least 3 times evaluated by experts, not only in terms of appearance, but also the nature, have the necessary tests (X-ray displasia hip replacement) and psychic tests (mandatory for some breeds).
Buying a dog with a pedigree gives us 100% certainty that when he grows up it will be a dog of this breed.
Taking dog from a good breeding you can be sure that:
  • puppy has the specified parents, has definited origin and belongs to this breed
  • has a definite character - of course doggies from one litter are different character, one is calm, the other a more playful, but looking at the parents and whole breed, you are able to determine the nature and the behavior of your dog
  • parents are research before dog mating for various dangerous to life or health disease (including genetical), which reduces probability of their pups
  • parents of puppies are vaccinated and dewormed regularly, according to the vaccination plan in breeding,i s the same for puppies from breeding that go out vaccinated and dewormed
  • puppies are separated from their mother after reaching full independence (usually after 8 weeks of age), when they are well developed both physically and mentally.
Important definitions
Pedigree is a document issued by the Kennel Club, confirming that the dog belongs to this breed. This document also shows what kind of dog ancestors were trhee generations ago. Pedigree, at the request of the owner, may receive only a dog holding a birth certificate - a document obtained when buying a dog from breeding registered in the Kennel Club.
Birth certificate is a document issued for breeders puppy, at the local branch Kennel Club after the review litter made ​​by the judge responsible for breed the Kennel Club, indicated by the Kennel Club. Puppy purchased from legitimate breeders must always have a health card and birth certificate, made ​​and planned vaccination and deworming.
Tattoo is like person photo in the identity card. Tattoo usually performs the Kennel Club employee before the review litter. Tattoo is performed on ear or groin. Another way to identify your dog is implanted under the skin of the neck Chip.
Chip is an electronic device with an encrypted number, possible to read closeup by dog skin to the special reader. This method of identifying the dog and at the same its owner, is popular.
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