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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a dog with balanced character and a moderate temperament. Greatly affectionate to his human family that always puts the first place. It is boundlessly loyal and dedicated, willing to adapt to their mode of life, if you will be able to actively participate in it. It should not be isolated in any way, is sure not suitable for holding the playpen, or on chain. Patient and gentle in relative to children. Excellent house guard and yard, you will not miss anything suspicious his note and informed his low, momentous voice. Restrained in barking, he does it when he has a clear reason for that. Tolerant towards other animals. It is not aggressive, usually friendly, but with strangers is often untrusting and suspicious. Large Swiss is not a guard dog and not train him in that direction. To protect your family only need to his own mighty and majestic appearance which evokes respect. He is intelligent, learns quickly, but too frequent and repetitive exercise can be boring. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is primarily a family dog ​​and a great guardian.
The activity

GSMD is the average active dog, loves walks, but does not require the of any sports such as during cycling or jogging is not for him. He likes to be useful and work, so it will be happy if you let him pull the cart or sled.
He does not like contribution in kind which sometimes trying to convert on other play.
Well conducted GSMD from puppy in the future should not cause serious problems. However, this requires from owner, perseverance and consistency. In no case do not use of violence or other penalties, because it may adversely affect the character of the Swiss and have negative effect on his psyche. You have to show him what you can and can not do,you have show the boundaries and follow the rules, and then life with it will be pleasure. A good method educational is approval and rewarding the for each correct approach pooch. It also recommends use of preschool for dog to help of the correct socialization. Large Swiss usually no destruct and no biting, left behind alone in the house, even the puppy will not cause damage.

Health and Care

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog it is specimens is usually health.
Common problems of the breed as indeed all molossoid is it hip dysplasia or shoulder. Proper prevention, healthy and valuable nutrition can reduce these ailments. GSMD does not require of many care treatments, enough for occasionally brushing to delete dead hair. It is also important to trimming claws when the dog is not possible to their natural attrition.
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