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    We always wanted have a dog who will be live next to us. When we finally could afford it, we starting think about choice of our dreams companion. We knew then that he should be big and he guarding, at the same delicate and gentle for the baby and friends of the family.
    While browsing the breeding, catalogs breeds, our attention was drawn by Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, who at the beginning of charmed us with his beautiful appearance and size. We decided to see on live and get to know his character, we traveled  to the nearest breeding. Meeting with him even more won us over that it is a dog for us.
    The next step was to search for a puppy, after no small adventures we found his  in breeding near Cieszyn. So, we was a quick identify and reservated. Later we longed for to visit  breeding and choose puppy - we wanted took all puppy, all were sweet but we choose one.  We decided that the fattest, the biggest, the sleepy - will be our. We called her Shilla. We looked forward to when we will be able to take her home, with impatience counting the days . Finally came this magical time, that she will be only for us. In the beginning she was a little lost, surprised a new place, but surrounded by love and solicitude quickly accepted her new home . She has comfortable den in the center of  the house, always "full bowl" and a huge space to running - meadows and forest.
    Introduced into our lives so much new, wise, crazy .... She learned us patience, perseverance, especially when she grew up, because then was sometimes naughty.

    She is with us from eight years , and she very important to us, we can not imagine that earlier she was not there. Her behavior, proceedings, character, exceeded our wildest expectations, also in contact with our child - they quickly found a common language. We are really proud of her and praise her at every opportunity.
Simply we fell in love her without end :)
In June 2012, after completion all the requirements, Shilla is a breeding bitch.
   In August 2016, at our home lived second girls - "Gwenn from Swiss Star" and have her the home name Vera. Completely different from Shilla, more temperamental, crazy, bringing a new energy quickly adapted our lifeistyle and wy quickly loved her. She is the good duo from Shilla, sometimes competing for the sake of qurdians, but everyone knows her place in the family herd.
We would like that the puppies from our small kennel, could bring happiness their future owners, such as Shilla make happy us. We focus on socialization, puppies will live with us at home, with all the sounds of everyday life, with adults and children. Here will be their place until the time leave. We do not recognize playpen, cages or other types of isolation because in such seclusion no place for love between human and dog.

Lovers of dogs are always open the door to our house.
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